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How To Integrate Crystals Into Your Daily Life

I am often asked how I find enough time to work with crystals when there are family needs, work responsibilities, schedules that seem to be constantly filled. My answer, stop trying so hard. This is not to say that a person should not take the time to dive in deeply, take courses, study, work with others, have a crystal healing session or crystal consult BUT you can take baby steps, do smaller acts. They add up!

The more you connect with crystals, the more doors open. Opportunities present themselves. You meet people that share information and it's usually just what you need at that point in time. An article appears, you Google (I love that this has become a verb) and something comes up in your search that you did not expect but leads you to something pertinent that you may not have found otherwise.

I used to get frustrated because I wanted to sit and do serious in depth study and thought I did not have enough time so I put it off which then caused more frustration. It was becoming a vicious cycle. What I didn't realize was that I was in the perfect beginning place. I had not stopped to consider that adding some seamless crystal practices to my day (some of which I was already doing but not with this intention or paying enough attention) would actually afford me more time connecting with crystal energy. It gave me the opportunity to really “get to know” specific crystals and how I interact with them on multiple levels. These habits are lifelong using different crystals, intentions and combinations as they naturally evolve with my vibration and life circumstances.

Below are some simple ways to increase your connection with crystals. It’s hands-on learning. I highly suggest keeping a journal nearby. It doesn't have to be fancy, any type of notepad, a composition book from the dollar store (one of my favorites by the way) will do. Whenever you notice something, a feeling, impression, thought, sound, song lyric, whatever it may be, write it down. After a while you will notice similarities, correlations and you can begin connecting some very interesting dots.

Put It In Your Pocket

Put a single crystal in your pocket or bra. Tumbled stones and touchstones are great for this. They are the right size, comfortable and easy to carry. Try carrying the same one for a continuous length of time, a week, month or more. Notice what is happening during that time. You do not have to be on continual alert but not overlooking what seems like a coincidence or something that catches your attention will help you become aware of how that energy is working in your everyday life. Something peaks your interest, an “Ah-Ha” moment, write it down!

Wear Crystal Jewelry

A bracelet, pendant, earrings or ring is not only a great way to integrate crystal energy but is

beautiful as well. Once again, be aware, simply aware. The lovely thing about wearing jewelry is that you are not the only person that benefits. Those noticing the piece of jewelry are also being drawn to the energy. You may be surprised by the people you meet and the conversations you may have that are sparked by a piece of jewelry. Conversely, you may notice something another person is wearing and be drawn to it.

Keep A Crystal In Your Environment

Placing a crystal in your home and/or work environment is easy and effective. It can be a cluster, a tower, a carved shape or animal, a tumbled stone, anything. This is a win, win for you and all those in that space. You can choose something for a specific intention or place one that you just like having around. For instance, a clear quartz cluster will radiate energy, amplify the energy of crystals around it and enhance positivity and creativity. Of course, there is the added bonus that it is beautiful. It is wonderful both at work and at home.

Take A Bath

Enjoy a relaxing bath with your favorite epsom salt or essential oils. Place rose quartz and

hematite in or around your tub and allow this combination to relieve stress, allow you to love yourself, in your best and worst moments, and ground you. It’s easy, so soothing.

These are only a few ways to integrate crystals while being non-invasive, take no major scheduling and will allow you to benefit in so many ways. Pick one and open the door to a richer practice. It's great to grow together so feel free to share your experiences in the comments.

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