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How Crystals Work In Your Life

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

Blog time. What to write? I am stumped for a topic to write about that others will find interesting and can connect with. I know what I like but I find that I am reticent to share because I worry about form, content, resonance with readers, etc. Ever feel that way? Hard to believe that a go-getter, self-motivated, ambitious individual like myself worries about this.

It was just after writing the above musings that I decided to leave my computer and go across the apartment to get a piece of bumblebee jasper to bolster creative inspiration. Instead, I returned to my workspace with a small amethyst cluster and three medium to small size skulls. This is how crystals work. I went looking for one crystal for a very specific purpose and found five others that apparently were more suited to my needs at that moment (unbeknown to me).

Having recently moved and still in the process of unpacking all my stones, I reached for the box that I thought contained the bumblebee jasper. It didn't. Instead I found the others. It’s surprising that these stones were the most readily available. (Each one was still individually wrapped in packing paper so I had no idea what I was opening). I could have continued to tear the place apart looking for the bumblebee which would have resulted in frustration, lost writing time, and, for me, could have been the beginning of a downward spiral. Depression and I are no strangers to one another. We have met on too many occasions and as such, I have had to work to handle it. I have my bag of tricks to use when I recognize a trigger or hint of it sneaking in. Crystals have become a part of that tool kit.

Metaphysically speaking, amethyst heightens the connection with the higher mind and/or intellectually psychic self. All of the four skulls have some pink tourmaline in them and two of those are combined with sodalite. Pink tourmaline is wonderful for easing anxiety, stress, and worry. Sodalite has long been my go-to for intuitive work and communication. Hmmm. I began blogging while feeling a bit stressed about finding a hot topic. I seek a particular crystal that I think will be very helpful in today’s writing process and within minutes find myself back at my workspace with stones that ease stress, help with communication, and aid in listening to my inner voice and looking deeper. Coincidence? No. Similar occurrences have happened before so I have to rule out too many multiple “coincidences”. Wouldn’t the bumblebee jasper aid in some of these areas as well? Most likely. However, at this time I needed or resonated with these stones. Crystals may share attributes but each has its own distinctive qualities. I like bagels and english muffins. They’re similar but different enough to be unique in their own right. Sometimes you want a bagel, sometimes an english muffin is what really hits the spot. The same with crystals.

Each of these crystals invoked a memory. The amethyst cluster was a gift from a teacher that had a great impact on my life. I received it very early in my crystal studies. She had massive confidence in me, allowed me to ask her anything and everything, and boldly predicted that I would teach about crystals in the future at which I Ioudly laughed. (A story for another time). The skulls were from a recent trip I took with a close friend. This particular friendship began in a crystal class and the adventures we continue to embark on together are special. Simply finding these crystals brought back memories of working with people I admire and great times spent together. What a perk of just going to get a stone for my work area!

Not only did I connect with five crystals that completely suited my needs at this particular time, but I also got practice in listening to my intuition and trusting myself. By accepting that these were the crystals that I needed, for now, ending the hunt for the bumblebee jasper and returning with them to my office, the opportunity to share this real-time experience unfolded. It captures the mystery and reality with which crystals work. I feel no worries, no anxiety, the opposite of stress. I am ecstatic that I could relay a crystal experience in my life as it has actually been happening. How great is this?!

Do I think these crystal properties simply caused any anxiety or other feelings to vanish? Not completely on their own. It is the combination of working with these crystals, learning how I resonate with them, and listening when a new possibility presents itself. It is the integration of them in daily life. The end result? My blog entry was written with joy and excitement, not anxiety or stress. I time spent with crystals that I have not seen or worked with in a bit, giving me another confirming instance of crystal energy at work in my life. Small but not to be overlooked bonuses; I had to physically get up and move to walk through my apartment. I unpacked yet another box. I enjoyed memories that were inspired by the found crystals. I took the time to consider a possibility other than what I intended to be worth pursuing. I went with the flow. Crystals work in our lives as anything else. Sometimes there are big moments, but more frequently there are a lot of smaller moments. These smaller, everyday happenings comprise more of life and remind me to be aware and grateful. What are your small, triumphant moments?

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