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Get Unstuck With Crystal Energy

Do you ever feel stuck in your career, creative endeavors, relationships, life in general? I think many of us do at one point or another. For many, the Covid pandemic has brought new challenges and changes to our lives, and these feelings have been heightened. Being stuck can actually be a great time to review, reflect and begin taking the next steps toward things of greater value in life.

As a musician, I have had many times where my creativity level has been less than what I desire. I simply cannot get what is in my head out in a musical way that I envision. Something is not right. My motivation level is low and my frustration level gets higher. This is when I have to step back, sit quietly and let things flow, or just settle. That has taken some effort to be able to do because I want to fix whatever it is that is blocking me or feels wrong. The problem is, I do not know what that thing is. Why am I lacking energy or motivation? Why can’t I express myself the way I want? Why do I have feelings that I can find no reason for?

It could be that what is blocking me has no direct connection to the area in which I am feeling stuck. It may be something that I have tucked away thinking I will deal with later and never got to it. Other times I can name the problem but have a tough time figuring out how to get through it. Frequently I end up taking a completely different direction than intended and am happier in the long run. That doesn’t mean it is always easy but it usually is the best outcome.

So what does one do when this happens? Grab a rock. When I say grab a rock I mean, grab it, and do not second guess yourself. We know that every crystal has a myriad of properties and can be used in numerous ways. Overthinking which one to use will only get you more stuck. Trust your intuition. Perhaps you grabbed chrysoprase and then think, “I have never used this crystal for this particular issue or challenge”. Great! What a wonderful opportunity to work with a crystal on a new level. Already you are moving in a new direction. By not second-guessing yourself yo

u have trusted your gut, your intuition and now you are experiencing two benefits of this one action. What if you have no crystals available? You have options. You can go to a shop. The first crystal that draws your attention is meant for you. Buy it. Do not pass “Go”, do not collect $200.00, do not second guess. TRUST. Access to a shop a problem? Not to worry. Click here One of these will attract you.

Next, how will you use this stone to help you? By choosing it you have already begun. You can meditate with it, carry it, wear it, put it in a place where you will see it in your home or work. Learn intuitively from it. Write about it. Our brains engage differently when we physically write as opposed to typing. The process of handwriting helps shape our thoughts as a whole rather than immediately beginning to edit as typing tends to do. Writing longhand has fewer distractions than on a computer screen. By handwriting our thoughts, feelings, and reactions to a crystal or meditation done with a crystal, or a dream we had while sleeping with that crystal we are sharpening our brain, and honing a physical skill. We also learn more by physically writing. Moving on, revisit and reflect on what you have written. Perhaps you want to expand on this or maybe now it is time to Google a question that this has brought up. Doors are opening. You are getting unstuck.

You may not have found all your answers but you have a beginning that can lead to those answers, motivate you, and have you taking action. This practice offers infinite possibilities and ways to open you to new ideas. What are you waiting for? Grab a rock!

Tara is offering the workshop:

April 18, 2021, Click the title for more information.

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