SATURDAY, MAY 14, 2022

5:00 PM - 7:00 PM



Crystals can bring positivity into your life, personal healing, protect against negativity, help focus your goals, enhance relationships, and much more. Do you have crystals but
don’t know why you are drawn to them or what they are for? This workshop is a hands-on, experiential class. Topics include:

● Crystal Background
● How to choose crystals
● How to connect with crystal energy
● Various uses
● Care and cleansing of crystals

Participants are welcome to bring their own crystals.


Marble Surface


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Crystal Consults 

Crystal consults are designed to help you connect with yourself more deeply through the use of crystals. Perhaps you have crystals that you are drawn to but have no idea why or are looking to incorporate them into your current wellness practice (i.e., writing/journaling, meditation, healing massage, gridwork, carrying them on your person, etc.). During this time we will start from where you are with your own crystals or guide you to some that may be of use to you in your current circumstances and how you can best incorporate them into your lifestyle. This time is about you and your self-care - for you to focus, assess, and allow yourself to balance, clear, and set intention for forward movement, whatever that may be. Sessions available Friday 2-6pm Cost 45 mins/ $70


Crystal Sojourns

(Private Crystal Healing Sessions)

A crystal healing session is a deep healing process that allows one to open to their most authentic self and is facilitated by the vibrations in the stones. Everything vibrates and as humans, we are a collection of vibrations. Placing crystals on and around the body during a healing session allows us to align to their vibration and realign what may be “out of whack.” This is similar to using a tuning fork to tune or adjust the pitch of a piano. During this time, blockages may arise and be identified. There may be an unfolding of self-limiting patterns, negative attitudes, and suppressed emotions that can be addressed. These sessions lead to a deeper understanding of yourself, where you are in your life, what may have brought you here, and will open doors to self-empowerment as you move forward in your journey. 

Sessions available Friday 2-6 pm Cost 60 mins/$150 or 90 mins/$200

Please call the Center to book at 561-630-2280

Image by Georgie Cobbs


"Whatcha Got?"-FREE-Click 

“Why did I buy this crystal?” 

“Why do I feel the need to keep it on my person, at work, by my computer?” 

“Why did my friend/acquaintance give me this rock?”

 “What is it about this crystal that draws me to it?” 

“How am I supposed to use this crystal and for what?”


Have you ever asked yourself these or similar questions? Do you have a curiosity or “gut” feeling about some crystals that have come into your life? Do you own crystals that you have no clue about? Are you curious about crystals and want to learn more? Bring your crystals to “WHATCHA GOT?” to find out more about your crystals. Begin connecting with your crystals on a deeper level, and learn how they may be used in your daily life.

Crystal Beginnings

Do you have crystals but do not know why you are drawn to them or what they are for? This workshop introduces you to crystals and their energy.

● Learn crystal basics

● Crystal Historical/Cultural Background

● How to choose crystals

● How to connect with crystal energy

● Various uses

● Care and cleansing of crystals

Crystal Healing Certification Level I 

Available Online-Live-Zoom-Classes Forming Now

Crystal Healing Certification Level I-In Person-TBA

The course covers the activation of the chakra system with associated quartz stones, understanding and practicing the laying on of stones, discussion and uses of a variety of stones, and crystal healing techniques and therapeutics. Each person will be giving and receiving crystal healings as the foundation of this course is experiential. Upon completion of the course, students will receive certification for completing Level I.

These classes are ongoing using Zoom for an interactive experience. Please email to schedule. Small group study is encouraged and available for two or more people as well as private classes.

The full cost of tuition is $850. Use the form below to register.

*Crystal Beginnings is the pre-requisite for this certification course and will be included in the full registration fee.


INTERNATIONAL Classes and Workshops

June 10,11,12, 2022

OBUS School-Leixlip, Ireland

School and Wellness Centre

3-4 Mill Lane,

Leixlip, Co. Kildare, Ireland


Three days of workshops!!

Crystal Beginnings is open to all and Connecting With Crystal Energy

(titled Crystal Healing on OBUS website) is two days of more in-depth study and work with crystals. 

Click the links for more information and pricing.

Crystal Beginnings 9:30 am -5:30 pm

Crystal Beginnings, an introduction to crystals. This course may be taken as a stand-alone for those seeking basic crystal knowledge and is a prerequisite for the following two days of more in-depth study. Participants will receive a certificate of participation.

Connecting With Crystal Energy  

(Crystal Healing on OBUS) 

This is a hands-on, experiential class designed to help students develop a working knowledge of which crystals they connect with and how to use them for health and life issues. Students are encouraged to bring their own crystals, although some will be provided for practice. Participants will receive a certificate of participation.