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"What crystals do I use to get through?"

Hello! Welcome to Tara’s Healing Cairn.

I pondered what to share right off the bat and was overwhelmed with the possibilities that might help, encourage, or enlighten. I decided to go with the question that I have been asked repeatedly during this time of change, challenge, and somewhat bizarre circumstances; “What crystal do I use to get through?”. My answer, whatever feels right. As things change, sometimes hour by hour, what is needed or works best will also change. Intuition is the best guide.

For instance, being faced with a barrage of necessary decisions about school, finances, work, etc., I have been keeping sodalite nearby. It brings emotional balance and supports rational thought and objectivity all of which have been essential in my life this year. However, the major reason I resonate with it so fully is its capacity to heighten my intuition and self-trust. Physically, sodalite boosts the immune system, aids in balancing the metabolism and helps with calcium deficiency (I am osteoporotic) which is also a bonus.

Alongside sodalite, I have kept howlite. It is an excellent stone for stress management (and who has not been feeling stress in this crazy year?!) while facilitating calm communication. It too is good for bones and helps relieve muscle tension. (I am a runner so that

certainly doesn’t hurt). Throw in rose quartz for self-acceptance and general love. I have found this trio to be excellent to “get through it all”, move forward without second-guessing, feel confident in my choices, and compassion for others.

As things would have it, I did not specifically seek these three stones. I recently moved and still have not unpacked everything. Interestingly, these three stones surfaced, unpacked. All the others are safely bubble-wrapped in taped boxes until I can get their new space ready. These three just “popped up” and have been in my workspace during this time of personal transition and Covid-19 responsiveness.

It never fails to amaze me how that works. More than once a stone has presented itself at the right time and in the right place without me purposely seeking it. Conversely, because of these unique instances, I become more skilled at knowing what crystal(s) I need during the various episodes that continue to unfold in my life. That is one of the many wonders of crystals. The more in tune I am with crystal energy, the more I grow in my awareness of the guidance and support they offer.


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