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Using Sacred Geometry Grid Cloths

Sacred Geometry has been around for a very long time. It dates back to 2000 BCE–1001 BCE in Egyptian and Mesopotamian cultures. It later blossomed in Ancient Greece. The basic concept of Sacred Geometry is that the Universe was created with repeating patterns or ratios thus providing balanced spaces and shapes. This can be seen in nature such as a nautilus shell, beehive, the pattern of a single snowflake. These patterns have been incorporated into architecture, particularly in places of worship associating them more closely with God or a higher spiritual power.

When building a crystal grid I frequently use a grid cloth with a Sacred Geometric symbol printed on it. By incorporating one of these symbols into my grid I feel that I am giving my grid a wonderful foundation. Balance is immediately in place and it is a fantastic guide as I create the grid to support my intention. With each use I find new ways to use larger and smaller patterns within the symbol which promotes rich learning, growing, connective experience.

I also use the grid cloths in conjunction with meditation, Oracle reading, and as focal points for quick self-resets and rejuvenation.

Try some of these ideas:


Place the cloth in front of you and focus on the balance of your selected pattern.

Place a crystal or crystals on the cloth that support you and help you connect to your deeper self and/or higher spiritual plane.

Oracle Reading:

Place cards at specific points on your grid cloth for your reading spread. Integrate the significance the chosen symbol has for you with the cards as part of your reading.

Combine cards, grid cloth, and crystals in a reading:

You may be led to create a crystal grid and add oracle cards during the reading. Doing the reverse, adding crystals as you work through the reading, is also a great technique. Try different combinations and see what works best for you.

When time is limited and or other are resources scarce, simply having the cloth as a visual reminder works wonders for a quick mental, spiritual and physical boost. This visual encourages me to notice these patterns as they surround me daily in nature, architecture, art, etc. It surprises me more and more where I find these and is a continual reminder of how connected everything is.

These are only a few ways to incorporate Sacred Geometry into your gridding. Feel free to share in the comments ways you are incorporating it in your life and the impact.

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