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The Three R's:Use This Crystal Trio To Rejuvenate, Refresh and Recharge!

Updated: May 15, 2021

I am relaxing. I AM relaxing. I am in PHF (Post Holiday Frenzy) a time when I am breathing. Although an enjoyable process, the holiday season, is filled with frantic accomplishment. This season reached new heights in the art form of celebration. What an experience during a time when people are living lives involuntarily transformed beyond expectation. What a blindside this has been!

As an overachiever, the new challenges only amped up my need to succeed. Having to allow and accept that despite my best efforts, Christmas was going to follow the pattern of 2020 in its total uniqueness, took a toll. I am grateful for technology making it possible to see my family and friends. I never thought I would be so happy to visit virtually. The windfall of shipping, mailing, and delivering is the gift that will keep giving as holiday packages are still on their way to recipients weeks after mailing them. Then there will be the resolutions. I resolve not to put unneeded pressure on myself but rather, to be realistic about what I want to work on and achieve and to ALLOW myself more rest and personal kindness.

To facilitate this I pick calm, gentle, nurturing crystals such as red jasper, green aventurine, and

celestite. Red jasper is a thick and delicious nurturing stone. With its connection to iron and blood, I imagine it internalized and flowing through my veins, infusing me with vitality and rebuilding me from the inside out. To compliment that, I envision green aventurine enveloping me in a soft, cottony cocoon. Safe and warm, I’m able to release my guard, let my muscles drain of tension, and allow my mind to slow down and enjoy the experience. Celestite enhances this state of release and helps me reconnect, meditate, connect with higher realms and slow the ride. It helps me safely open up to receive what I need to clean out the muck and refill with clean, fresh energy all the while reconnecting with my most authentic self. It is a spiritual detox.

How do I use them? When in doubt or without the physical stones using a picture or visualizing crystals works wonders. Never underestimate these techniques. Carrying them, and meditating with them are easy choices for use and I am a fan of placing the jasper and aventurine in the bath with me. I keep the celestite nearby during that time but not in the water to be sure not to cause any damage. (This may be a bit overly cautious but better safe than sorry). Just thinking Jasper = nurture, Aventurine= soothing/safe cocoon, and Celestite= self-enlightenment and connecting with my spiritual side lets my body physically relax and give a sigh of relief.

The simpler I keep my crystal practice, the more I gain from it so this is how I will start this year. Give it a try with one or all three of this trio. You may connect with a pair of them, one at one time, or varying combinations. Let them guide you. Expect to feel good, the rest is the icing on the cake and there is always icing on the cake with crystals ;)

*The Three R's Trio is available for purchase in the site store*

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