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RELATIONSHIPS: How To Use Crystals To Support Them

Relationships. They’re everywhere. We have relationships with family members, friends, coworkers, community acquaintances, pets but most importantly, with ourselves. The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines a relationship as;

1 : the state of being related or connected. 2 : connection by common ancestry or marriage. 3 : the state of interaction between two or more people, groups, or countries The sisters have a close relationship.

With the many relationships we have throughout our lives, you would think we would all be experts with so much practice. Yet, many of us tend to have difficulty in one or more of them. So many things can impact them. It may be the pace at which we are moving through life that keeps us from fully developing and/or concluding our relationships. Perhaps abuse (in any form) has been involved and the deep feelings that result from the experience have not been resolved. These do not magically disappear. Instead they are pushed into our deeper consciousness, left unattended. Conversely, a simple ,”Good morning,” to a passerby with whom we have little or may never have any further contact with, can brighten the day for both people.

Relationships. Some simple, some complex, some we understand and some we want to understand can all be supported and enhanced with crystals. How do relationships begin? In some way you meet. It doesn’t matter how. It’s nice to notice and remember but the important fact is that you met (or are going to meet). These days we check out Facebook pages, Instagrams, Twitters, websites, etc. We research one another. However, that is just knowledge collecting. We need to interact. It is the same with crystals. We can read, research, learn all the many, MANY properties that are listed for a crystal to determine if we want to work with it but it is the actual engagement that will truly give us what we are looking for. Before you wonder, “When is she going to talk about rose quartz? I mean, isn't that the Queen Bee of crystals for relationships?” Yes, no, maybe. Everything depends on where you are in a relationship with yourself. How can I interact successfully, respectfully, thoughtfully with another if I have not taken the time to do it with myself and/or my feelings surrounding an issue in a relationship or the relationship itself? Here is an example.

Let’s suppose I am wondering why my child or friend is moving in a particular direction. I may seek sodalite. Sodalite has proven to be MY go to for its intuitive nature. It is the crystal that I turn to when I want to listen to my gut or confirm what I am hearing. Our intuitive voice is what we depend on for every decision and move we make. Sometimes we ignore it and later realize those consequences. Taking the time to sit with this stone helps me think about what I do or do not need to do or say to help with the current situation that my child or friend is navigating. It is a blue crystal that corresponds with the throat chakra so the communication of thoughts and ideas is also supported by it.

Try this: Choose a crystal (if you do not have any handy, google a picture of one that strongly attracts you). Have something to write with. Find a quiet place where you can sit uninterrupted with this crystal and listen. When you feel ready (you will know when) write down everything you see, hear, feel. Do not edit, just write. Once you have written all that comes to you, review and notice what stands out to you. Begin hanging out with this crystal. Wear it, keep it in a pocket, sit with it at different times. Ask a specific question. (How to craft a question is BIG. Keep it direct and simple. Avoid a yes or no question as it will not unfold the details or give deeper insight.)

How does this crystal support my relationship with that friend or child that I see moving in a direction that I do not understand or am concerned about either positively or negatively? In this instance, sitting with sodalite and listening, I am given the opportunity to hear my own intuitive voice on the subject. I can look more closely at the “why”. I gain insight into what and where the boundaries are in this relationship.With its strong tie to the throat chakra I can ask meaningful questions for clarity and share my own perceptions and discernment in a respectful, thoughtful way and perhaps open new doors that strengthen this relationship. Regardless of the outcome, I will be learning how to listen and communicate more effectively which are major components of any relationship. This is just one example of the multitudes of ways that crystals can support you.

As you “meet’ and interact with more crystals you will find that they become mentors guiding you to your own knowing. This in turn will help you develop tools for interaction in all types of relationships.You will learn what crystals you resonate with and how and when to use them. Your relationship with crystals will enhance every other relationship you are in, in ways that you may never have imagined. IT ALL BEGINS WITH YOU.

*Tara will be presenting Power Crystals To Support Relationships February 13, 2021, Jamar Enlightenment Center, West Palm Beach, FL. Click for more info and to register.

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