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Take The Intuitive Leap...

I received a lot of questions and feedback about the April blog post focusing on getting “unstuck”. Writing this now is a literal example of taking an intuitive leap. Generally I would not address the same concept in the very next post but would wait a bit and circle back to it, but this is fundamental to understanding and working with crystal energy. You do not have to be in a tough spot, stuck or have any reason at all to make this choice. As a matter of fact, doing it completely out of trust often yields the best experience. I have narrowed this down to its simplest form. Some of this may seem redundant but it is worth repeating . So take away any preconceived notions, assumptions, expectations, or hopes for a particular outcome and let's revisit this.

Take a look at some crystals. Which one attracts you? And we’re done! The first one that attracts you is the one for you. I can hear the objections right now; but that’s not what I am looking for, I need a different one to address a particular issue, but I don’t even know why I like it, etc. This is not to say that this is the only crystal for you, but it is the crystal for you now. By not second-guessing and going for the stone that you are immediately attracted to you are intuitively connecting with that crystal.

As you stay in the moment and go with this intuitive response you have the opportunity to work with a crystal in a different way than you may have been imagining. For whatever reason, this crystal called to you and that is the beauty of crystals. As vibrating beings we entrain or tune into the vibration of the crystal. In this instance, this is the frequency you are on and you will benefit from the choice to interact.

All crystals can be used in a wide variety of ways and combinations. If the crystal you chose is one that has properties that are very familiar to you from past interactions, this is a wonderful time to connect using a different lens. However, if this is a crystal that you would not at all have foreseen using, then maybe it is telling you to take a closer look at what is currently happening and your surrounding circumstances.

So how do you unravel this riddle and make good use of this experience? Let’s take a look at the first case scenario, in which you have chosen a crystal that has properties that seem to be an obviously good fit for you at the present. Go to your most trusted sources and look beyond what you generally would use this crystal for. What are some properties, physical or metaphysical, that you may not have realized or utilized with this crystal? What stands out? Frequently you will find the same property keeps popping up. Don’t ignore that. Challenge yourself to use this new perspective while meditating with this crystal, placing it on a different chakra, or using it in a different combination. There’s some reason you resonate with it and here is an open door to explore and expand on that.

In the second scenario, where you have chosen a crystal and you have absolutely no idea why, is a wonderful introduction to a new energy. Once again, take the time to meditate with this stone, carry it with you, place it in a visible home space or workspace, and be aware of anything you hear, see, feel, smell. Consult trusted sources to help with your discovery. In both cases there is something to unfold, learn and grow with.

I trust the “choice by attraction” method implicitly when purchasing a crystal. I have learned firsthand that second guessing is in second place for a reason. What a great exercise for honing your intuition and personal growth! Remember, you can google and read about crystals and their uses ad infinitum but it is your intuitive relationship with them that really counts. Just as your fingerprints are unique, so is how you interact and connect with each crystal. Reference books and online info are great but really only serve as guidelines for your own discovery. I suggest spending a minimum of a month with a new crystal choice. Like any other friendship it takes time to grow, to learn about one another, and experience things together. Don’t wait around for the right time or situation to do this. If you are reading this, it's the right time. If that crystal is nagging you in a store, take it home. If one has been nudging you at home, go to it. You don’t have to set aside hours of time, rather small bites and incorporating it into your daily experience will be even more valuable. Be Nike, “Just do it.

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