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How To Use Crystal Energy With Animals

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

I am frequently asked how crystals work with animals. Just as humans connect on an individual basis with crystals, so do animals. They benefit from their use and healing energy just as we do. The properties of the crystals do not change because you are working with an animal so approach your work with them in the same way you do for yourself. Although your animal friend cannot say, “hey, I feel a strong vibration when near this crystal” they can show it. Do not over complicate this.

For instance, when working in my office my dog and cat are frequently laying nearby.This is a perfect opportunity to place a crystal near them. If there is a particular illness or behavior that I am concerned about I will place a crystal near that has properties that will aid in treating the issue. That does not mean that it is the right crystal. If your dog gets up and walks away that is a very clear message that he or she may not be attuning to that crystal. Try placing several crystals on the floor and go about your business. Make sure they are large enough NOT to be ingested. Notice which your animal is drawn to. They will work from their intuition just as we do but are less likely to second guess or be stressed over if it is the “right one”. They will go to the right one for them.

Below are some great techniques for using crystals with animals:

Clusters are wonderful to keep near pets. They are the result of numerous points forming on a shared matrix. Energy from the base is amplified and radiated from these points in multiple directions. They can also absorb any negative energy resulting in a cleansing and purification of the room. Keeping these near your pet's favorite places is an effective way for your animals to benefit from their healing energies and to keep their space safe and healthy. I have known cats to lay on top of them!

Crystal Massage Rollers provide a wonderful way to directly share crystalline energy with your

buddy. Try rolling one over their body just as you would your own and give them a healing energy massage. These are available with a variety of stones. Don’t have one? Try a crystal sphere or

palm/touchstone that fits in the palm of your hand and gently massage with that. These are especially good for areas of the body that are recovering from an injury. Remember to be gentle in these instances applying very light pressure.

Elixirs could not be easier to use with your pets. Create the elixir as you would for yourself. Using many of the available elixir bottles on the market is easy and safe. If you do not have an elixir bottle you can place crystals in a clean glass or jar. Then place that container in a larger container filled with water to be infused. (I like to do this in moonlight whenever possible). Always do your research. Some crystals may dissolve or crack in water and a few can be toxic if consumed. These are safe methods to use to get the benefits of your chosen crystals. Once infused the water can go straight into their water bowl. There are pet water bowls that have a center area that can hold crystals in a self contained glass bubble ( just like the crystal elixir bottles) so that the crystals cannot be ingested and can infuse the water safely. Elixirs can also be used as a final rinse for those friends that you bathe.

Crystal Collars are available. Although this is not my personal favorite due to the possibility of ingestion, crystal collars can be very effective. BE CAREFUL THAT THE CRYSTAL(S) IS SECURELY ATTACHED.

Crystal Grids work in just the same way for animals as they do for us and are wonderful to use whether working remotely or in your own space. As always, the intention is important so be very clear. A picture of the critter is also helpful in the grid as are fur samples (my animals provide way more of those than I would ever need!) old collars, a favorite toy, etc.

Crystal Healing Sessions are also possible with animals in person and remotely. Sometimes remotely is easier and more effective since you are not dealing with keeping your pet still, etc. I highly suggest having a certified crystal practitioner work with you (at minimum a consult) or do the healing session for you. I have done many while a client holds their pet, lays beside them or has a dual session focused on communicating and bonding with that animal.

As with humans one size does not fit all and you may have to experiment to find the most effective method for you and your beloved pet. These techniques are by no means restricted to house pets. Horses, goats, cows, animals residing in zoos, you name it, all will benefit from crystal energy healing. Share this gift of crystal energy with your beloved animal friend.

For a consult, session, grid, etc. for you and/or your pet please click here.

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