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Crystals for Kids: Help Your Kids Cope With Anxiety and Stress

Crystals for kids, what could be better?! What child isn’t curious about shiny, sparkly things? What child isn’t curious about shiny, sparkly things? Children are facing challenges that we as adults never could imagine in our childhood. Isolation from friends and family, limited educational and social opportunities, and all but non-existent sports outlets are the reality of a child’s world now. This has created a state of fear and anxiety. Children may develop a fear of

losing family members or becoming ill themselves. They may become more clingy and less likely to develop independent skills. These feelings may manifest as nightmares, sleeplessness, lack of appetite, separation anxiety, and behavioral changes. Older children are concerned about the cancellation of academic and athletic programs that will impact college choices and financial aid possibilities. Depression, anxiety, stress, stress, stress.

As a teacher in public schools for over 30 years, I have seen the impact that anxiety and stress have on children in social and learning settings. I have worked with children of all ages using a wide variety of strategies and best practices to help them. Breathing, stress balls, break time, dance it out, community share, imagine your favorite place, name animals alphabetically, sing, extra playtime, the list goes on. Everyone has different triggers and certain techniques will work best for certain people. Add crystals to the top of this list.

The first thing crystals offer a child is a visual and tactile experience. Children love to explore. The variety of shapes, colors, textures, and sizes alone is captivating for kids (adults too for that matter). This interaction immediately begins overriding stress, anxiety, and depression by simply redirecting a child’s attention. Couple that with the metaphysical properties of particular crystals or crystal combinations and we move to a higher level of relief. Another bonus is that Earth science curriculum includes fundamentals of mineralogy, paleontology, geology, oceanography- all related to crystals.

For example, an amethyst cluster offers a beautiful color that will shimmer in different ways as it is turned in the light. It has an interesting surface to explore. Emotionally and mentally amethyst promotes calm and balance. Known as the “sobriety stone”, it helps with breaking addictive behavior patterns. Metaphysically, amethyst is a third eye stone. It promotes higher-level thinking, getting in touch with one's own spirituality, and helps overcome negative thoughts. Is a child aware of all these benefits? Do they need to be? I like spinach, it appeals to me. I put it in salads and omelets. I can’t rattle off its organic content but I still get the health benefits it provides. The same holds true for crystals. You can provide your child with a crystal that you have sought for her or his specific needs. Crystal combinations can be created for your child. Getting a drawstring bag with fascinating crystals is always exciting! Conversely, take your child to a store (or just put some crystals on a table) and watch. They are instinctively drawn to what best suits them. You know your child. I have many clients that consult me on this and we create a crystal pack best-suited to their child’s personal needs. All of these approaches are great. Find what works for you!

Here are some easy ways to begin incorporating crystals into your child’s life.

  • Touchstones-A stone in the pocket to touch and fumble with will take one’s mind off of something that is causing discomfort. It promotes a sense of calm and security. One that deals with a particular issue that is being experienced or is recurring (ie. lepidolite for depression) can be very effective.

  • Jewelry- It is so easy to wear a bracelet, necklace, earrings, or pendant. Participate in a workshop to make your own jewelry. Not only will you have the benefits of the crystals, but it also offers a creative outlet and a sense of pride wearing a personal creation. It might even open the door to a new hobby!

  • Gridding- Kids can grid! They do not have to know all the reasons for what they are doing OR they can learn about the properties of crystals and be more mindful in their choices. Kids will instinctively and intuitively create grids that serve them regardless of their conscious knowledge of such.

  • Give kids a bunch of crystals and let them go! By encouraging them to create designs they will benefit from the interaction with the crystals and may create a grid that is left in place for a bit of time. You may be very surprised at where their intuition leads them!

  • You can create a crystal grid for your child. If you are not familiar with this consult a crystal practitioner and have one custom created.

  • Playing- By simply playing with them, children receive benefits. They are open to creative processes with no restrictions. It is so interesting to see where this leads them. What criteria are they using to sort? What do they choose as a focal point in a design/grid? They will sort, swap, stack, arrange, PLAY.

However you chose to integrate crystals into your child’s life, they can only benefit. It’s not easy being a kid all the time. Here is an excellent, natural resource to take the sting out of things. Kids and crystals, it’s a great combination.

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