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CRYSTAL SKULLS: Mysterious Or Miraculous?

Updated: Jul 24, 2021

I am fascinated by crystal skulls. I have no clue why. At first, I thought it was a bit creepy and too far across the edge for me but then I found myself drawn to them and collecting them. Mystery and supernatural curiosity have surrounded them for centuries. Some believe they are from the lost civilization of Atlantis. Some believe they were carved by the Mesoamerican civilizations; Olmec, Maya, Inca, or Aztec. Some believe they have extraterrestrial ancestry. Scientists have discovered that the many considered to be from Mesoamerican have markings that could only be made by modern carving tools, dating to the 1800s. Today many skulls are produced in Germany, China, and Brazil.

There is the famous skull, Max or Skull Of Doom which is surrounded by legends and inspired the movie Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. There is the legend of the thirteen skulls which are believed to have been from Atlantis and contain the knowledge, wisdom, and consciousness from the beginning of human existence. It is said that the twelve tribes are each represented by one of the twelve crystal skulls and the thirteenth crystal skull contains the knowledge of all. When these thirteen crystal skulls are once again assembled or united they will share their knowledge with the world but not until the world is ready to receive it. Max is thought to be one of the thirteen crystal skulls. The Musée de l'Homme in Paris, the British Museum in London, and The Smithsonian Museum of Natural History each have a crystal skull that has undergone scientific study and all have been determined to be “fake” as they show the markings of modern technology involved in their creation.

Recently, 5D data storage has been developed. This 5D data storage is also known as the Superman Memory Crystal and can hold up to 360 TB of data. The glass storage discs are incredibly stable and are said to be able to last 13.8 billion years at room temperature. 5D data crystals are made of fused quartz glass. If we are using this technology to store information today, is it then possible that older civilizations were able to use these crystal skulls to store information? How can such a possibility be completely ruled out? Remember, mysteries remain unsolved about the building of the pyramids, Stonehenge, and Newgrange.

Where does this leave those of us who are aware of the healing properties of crystals and love skulls? I, for one, still love them and do find working with them a bit different than working with similar crystals. For instance, I have a sodalite crystal skull which I keep near me ( like right now) when I am working on preparing class and workshop curriculum, doing readings, and consults. I resonate with the intuitive properties of sodalite and find it invaluable as a guide and in helping me go deeper in thought-provoking questions and research. Just as we use sacred geometry, the skulls represent knowledge to me both legendary and for my real-life purposes. In the most simple of ways, they have been useful for learning. For example,

my curiosity about them has sent me on extensive research which in turn has opened doors to an understanding about past civilizations, crystal structures, and introductions to experts in diverse fields.

I have skulls in a variety of sizes and a variety of stone types. I do have one small clear quartz crystal skull and am always on the lookout for a clear quartz one of greater size. As with clear crystal, a clear quartz skull is good for anything and everything. I begin working with my other skulls from their natural stone properties. For instance, I have a fluorite skull that is marvelous for focus and higher-level thinking and study. I find the skulls to be more intense and finely focused when I work with them than other crystals. As such, when working with them, I usually use them in conjunction with a very specific problem or project of greater length and depth. Working with a skull may very well heighten that experience and bring in a deeper understanding and/or appreciation of the subject. I find meditating with a crystal skull to be a different experience and many times have more (sometimes difficult) things revealed that I need to pay attention to and work on within myself. They are also quite marvelous for grids. When using them in this way I super conscious of refining my intention. These are starting points. It is only by working with these stones that we learn. As with any crystal, it is your connection that will guide and reveal the best use and practice with it for you. Go for it!

If you are so moved, feel free to share your experiences with crystal skulls in the comments.


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